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What is Literati?

As the name implies, we are head over heels for literature. A good book has the power to enchant and transform its reader. At Literati, we seek to create the opportunity for children to experience the deep joy of being lost in the pages of a beloved book.

So how does it work exactly? Every month we scour the globe and find 5 exceptional books that we deliver to your doorstep. These 5 books are age-appropriate and curated around a specific theme (art, adventure, science, myth, history, culture and values). Explore the books in your home for up to a week, keep the ones you love, and return the rest in the enclosed pre-paid mailer (shipping is free in both directions). Literati makes exposing your child to a planet of possibility easy while also fostering a lifelong love of literature.

That’s the long answer. The more succinct version: For parents, Literati is a monthly delivery of best-in-class children’s books – works of beauty, humor, resilience, sensitivity, and joy. For children, it’s Christmas every month!

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