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What is Literati?

Literati is the premier children’s book subscription service in the United States for kids ages 0-9. We send your child five age-appropriate books a month based on a theme like "The Golden Rule" or "This Is Magic." Enjoy the books in your home for up to a week. At the end that week, keep only the books you love and send the rest back to us in a prepaid envelope. Only pay for the books you keep.

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I've signed up! What can..."

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How do I log in to my ac..."

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Shipping & Billing

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How much does a Literati..."

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Why am I paying $9.95 ea..."

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Is the $9.95 applied to ..."

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I would like to subscrib..."

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My child spilled apple j..."

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What if my 7-day return ..."

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We are going to be out o..."

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A delivery every month i..."

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Can we postpone a delive..."

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Can I return books from ..."


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