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✎ Edit page component "about-page-top"Literati is the brainchild of Jessica Ewing and Kelly Carroll. As best friends and co-founders, they are deeply involved in every aspect of Literati, from curation to accounting (though no surprise which of the two they prefer).
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Jessica Ewing

Jessica Ewing, Chief Executive Officer

Jessica holds a B.S in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, and previously served as a Senior Executive at Google, developing consumer products. She was featured in Fast Company Magazine as one of Google's "12 Most Innovative Minds." She holds 4 patents in Consumer Product Design, and led the development of iGoogle, the Google Personalized Homepage (the little dashboard where you could add all the widgets). Jess is also a creative writer, naturalist, and lecturer. She believes the best way to learn is to follow whatever passion arises organically, which informs the product design of Literati.

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Kelly Carroll

Kelly Carroll, Creative Director

Kelly is a writer, book artist and mother. While completing an MFA in Fiction at Brown University, she pursued interdisciplinary coursework in book arts at Rhode Island School of Design. During her undergraduate at Columbia University, she earned a B.A. in English & Comparative Literature and a Creative Writing Concentration in Poetry. As a mother, Kelly wants to ensure that her young son (a charter member of Club Neo) has a lifelong relationship to the alchemical space wherein literature, art and the book unite. Her favorite childhood books were Miss Rumphius and the Childcraft Encyclopedias. Lately, she hasn't stopped swooning over A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers.
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Charlie DeTar

Charlie DeTar, Tech Lead

Charlie received his Ph.D. in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, and also earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Berkeley – tech with depth! Charlie spends as much time in nature as he does in front of a computer screen; those who know him recognize the soul of a poet (and the words to match). A favorite memory from childhood is listening, over and over again, to cassette tapes of his grandparents reading Winnie the Pooh for their grandkids – "wonderful, hilarious, most memorable when they cracked up at the jokes in the story." For Charlie, love and literature naturally go together.
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Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander, Director of Operations

Cindy is a mother of three, a grandmother of six as well as a former operating room nurse. Here at Literati, she makes sure all the trains run on time. She is truly a "woman who runs with the wolves." She's courageous, deeply spiritual, endlessly creative, and a lover of nature and family. She lives to celebrate life and serve others.
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Laura Fenelon

Laura Fenelon, Director of Finance & Human Resources

Laura earned an MPA and BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, with a focus on Financial Reporting and Assurance. She is a licensed CPA in the state of Texas and is determined to prove to the world that accountants are not boring. Laura has a sports background and played volleyball most of her life, although she is always trying new things (most recently, tennis). When she’s not in front of the computer, she loves taking her dog hiking in the hill country, traveling and spending time with friends.

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Molly Morrow

Molly Morrow, Chief Love Officer

Molly Morrow is a writer from Seattle, Washington who moved to Austin, Texas because she was cold. Her work has appeared in The Consortium of Innovative Environments for Learning Journal, The Stranger, The Princeton Sun, and the margins of twelve industrial machine manuals scattered strategically across Alaska. She has an interdisciplinary degree in Creative Writing, History and Political Science from Western Washington University, a Pushcart Prize nomination in short fiction, and a car she will soon be donating to NPR. She teaches poetry to certain people in her apartment complex if she likes their dogs.

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Yuri De La Cruz

Yuri De La Cruz, Warehouse Director

Yuri spent her childhood ferreting around in medical dictionaries. Her love of linguistics aided a fascination with medical terminology and ultimately, emergency medicine. Yuri holds an EMT certification and attended the University of Texas at Austin where she studied Mathematics. She and her husband speak Spanglish with their son Dakota who is a sprouting book aficionado. Dakota has many Literati favorites but he most adores Night Animals which he recites verbatim. Yuri's literary heart resides within young adult fiction and she remains profoundly altered by her favorite trilogy, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.  

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Gaby Brabazon

Gaby Brabazon, Curator & Blogger

Gaby is a writer, illustrator, and Montessori teacher living in the Boston area. She has been a voracious reader from a young age, when she was drawn into the literary world by the magic of Peter Pan. Since then, she has fallen into books of all genres but is especially taken by ghost stories, science fiction, magical realism, and history. Her most likely impulse buy is a gorgeously illustrated picture book (most recently, Home by Carson Ellis). Gaby holds a BFA in illustration and art history and an MFA in creative writing (Writing for Young People), both from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. 

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Eve Panzer

Eve Panzer, Curator

Eve is a children’s librarian and a local children’s book business owner in Austin, Texas. Her passion for children’s books began 3 decades ago, when she became a mother. She used her librarianship skills to research and select the highest quality books for her children as well as for the K-8 school where she worked as librarian. Her students and children all became avid bookworms. In 2007 she started Barefoot Librarian, a book business running book fairs for schools. Her book fairs offered schools an alternative to more commercialized book fairs by including exceptional diverse multicultural books with rich language, engaging art work and universal messages. Often these books come from small independent publishers whose well researched and crafted books would get overshadowed by titles from the big publishing houses. Eve is currently focusing on curating extraordinary books lists for librarians and educators, largely from the International Baccalaureate and Montessori programs. Eve earned her Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas in Austin.
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Tisha Aragaki

Tisha Aragaki, Curator

Tisha is the Head of the Edna Allyn Room for Children at the Hawaii State Library. She and her staff advise the Hawaii State Public Library system's employees in children's services throughout the state's 50 libraries. She adores children's narrative nonfiction, especially in the sciences and geography, and and enjoys spreading appreciation of the genre whenever she can. Tisha is also very passionate about the people and environment around the world and has spent time studying and working in Egypt, Mongolia and Peru. She has a particular affinity for the Peruvian Amazon, where she volunteers time and support to her favorite programs in the region which also include a wonderful, little rural library, where she is thrilled that she gets to continue spreading her love of education and information to young, impressionable minds.